The College of Education grants employees access to several systems that contain Protected Personal Information (PPI). PPI is information about individual persons that may be sensitive and use of this information is often governed by policies and regulations. Employees must be aware of PPI and its governing rules before being given access to this data.


The College of Education provides a self-guided Canvas course to introduce these concepts to new employees. The goals of the course are:

  • Recognize PPI
  • Understand you have personal responsibilities in handling PPI
  • Be aware of policies and regulations that govern use of PPI
  • Know where to get help when you have questions

You can get a new employee added to this course by opening a ticket (Request Access Form or email We prefer for these requests to come from the new employee's direct supervisor.

Generally an employee can complete this self-guided training in less than 1 hour. The Canvas course includes optional links to other UW resources and training videos that may be useful, depending on the employee's job duties and questions.


After completing the Canvas course we ask employees to sign a College Database Agreement. The agreement has the employee acknowledge the training was provided and that they understand the material covered. This document can be signed and submitted electronically. The signed document will be added to the employee's HR file. The agreement only needs to be signed once per employee.

After we receive the employee's signed agreement, we generally authorize users in the COE College Databases the same business day.

Student Employees

Student employees can be given access to UW and college systems that contain PPI. Because these systems may include the student themselves and their peers we have an expectation that supervisors will discuss appropriate use and limitations with the student employees. 

To facilitate and document this conversation, supervisors must co-sign the College Database Agreement with student employees.


We encourage supervisors to make the College Database Training & Agreement a standard part of their new employee onboarding process. However, if that doesn't happen, employees will be required to complete this process when they first request access to a system with PPI.

Systems with PPI

Following are examples of college and UW systems that include PPI. COE employees must complete College Database Training & Agreement before being given access to these systems. (This is a representative list, it is not a complete list of systems with PPI.)

  • Applicant Review
  • College Student Database
  • NARF (New Appointment Request Form)
  • Recruitment and other CRMs
  • Grad School MyGrad
  • UW SDB, EARS, etc
  • UW Enterprise Data Warehouse
  • UW BI Portal Reports